Hi! We are an international group of the course "Digital editions with minimal computing", within the Global Classrooms project of the University of Maryland (United States) in collaboration with the University of Salvador and CONICET (Argentina). Here you will find our digitized edition of Description of Buenos Aires by Acarette du Biscay (17th century).

Group Name
SOFI4, Greek name for Truth (Σoφíα), but with a "4" instead of "A", because we are Group 4 in this course. It's also the name of Juli's dog!

Team Members

  • Debora Miyashiro (she/her/ella). Nickname: DEB
    Computing student, University of Maryland, United States.
  • Iñaki Canogar (he/his/él). Nickname: ICANOGAR
    Double degree student of Hispanic Philology and Linguistics, University of Potsdam, Germany.
  • Josh Mendez (he/his/él). Nickname: JOSH
    English student, University of Maryland, United States.
  • Julieta Sanchez (she/her/ella). Nickname: JULI
    Literature Professorship student, National University of Comahue, Patagonia Argentina.


  • Develop, publish, and maintain a digital publication within the course Digital Publishing with Minimal Computing
  • Communicate effectively with teammates
  • Help other teammates with technological and communicative issues
  • Enjoy the experience

Core Values

  • All members will be equally credited, and our names will be always listed in strictly alphabetical order.
  • In order not to get anybody excluded, English will be the main language of this group.
  • Regarding our different situations, time zones, etc...we will be kind and patient to each other.


  • We are curious, respectful and willing to learn from each other
  • We are ready to work collaboratively
  • We are always reliant on communicating with teammates
  • We give open and frequent feedback
  • We are not afraid to ask questions when we are confused
  • We want this experience to be remembered!

Like many open source projects, the digitization of Description of Buenos Aires consisted of group work, which required additional efforts due to multilingualism, time differences, cultural differences and different educational backgrounds of the participants of the course Digital Humanities with Minimal Computing. For this reason, we warmly thank to:

  • Antonio Rojas
  • Benjamin Muñoz, Researcher at the Patagonian Center for Latin American Studies, who disseminated the course in Neuquén -Patagonia Argentina-
  • Gabriel Calarco, Assistant in NoviembreHD event
  • Gimena del Rio, Associate Researcher at the Institute for Bibliographic Research and Textual Criticism of CONICET, Proffesor of the course
  • Nidia Hernandez, Course Assistant
  • Raff Viglianti, Research Programer de MITH, Professor of the course
  • Romina de León, Course Assistant
  • A nuestros compañeros de cursada, To our fellow students who enriched our experience through discussions in forums, participation in exhibition panels and helping with practical matters.